Why Low intensity Farming Brings Health Benefits

An average dairy cow finishes her production at age 6, but here at Gazegill, we have several members of our organic shorthorn dairy herd who are happy, healthy and producing calves and milk in their late teens.

Below we show some statistics comparing conventional production versus our low intensity farming to demonstrate why nature is always best.


  • Cow calves at Age 2 (this means they are pregnant at age 1 when they have not finished growing)
  • Fed rich diet – lots of protein + sugar
  • Calve every 11 months
  • 1 lactation is 9 months
  • Yield expectation is 12,000 kilos of milk in 9 month lactation
  • Artificially inseminated so calve at correct time
  • Average Age of Cow when laid off – 6 years



  • Cow calves at age 3
  • Calve every 18 months up to the individual cow
  • Fed only grass and hay from species rich pasture, no protein, 100% natural
  • 1 lactation is 14 months
  • Yield expectation is 4,500 kilos of milk in 14 month lactation
  • Served by Gazegill’s bull “Max”
  • Many Gazegill cows are still very healthy and happy calving at more than 3 times this age – meet Hyacinth aged 19!
Hyacinth the Cow

Our cows live longer because our farm and dairy system is the same as when Emma’s parents and grandparents ran the farm 50 and 100 years ago – feed cows natural food (100% grass and hay) and milk them at their own pace, and they will live longer!

Our milk line has been antibiotic free for 7 years. So whilst organic systems allow the use of some antibiotics, Gazegill made the decision that our cows don’t need them – they have built up an immunity and self-medicate on the organic herbs in our pastures. This means that as well as our organic raw milk being full of pro-biotics, vitamins and omega, we can guarantee it contains NO GMO’s, pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics.

Max the Bull 


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