Barclays Report Shines Spotlight On Gazegill


To help tackle uncertainty over Brexit, Barclays have launched a report to showcase some of the most diverse rural businesses across the UK which shines a spotlight on how some farmers have diversified to build resilience.

Gazegill Organics is one of five manufacturing or agricultural businesses chosen, and is tiny in comparison to some of the vast estates around the UK. But we must be doing something right!

Barclays press releases says “After seeing a demand for local home-grown produce from consumers hungry to find out more about the origins of their food, Gazegill Organics began selling produce online directly to consumers across the country.

As their farming business grows, Gazegill has also invested in renewable energy sources for the farm, including solar-panels and a turbine, to lower costs.

Emma Robinson, Head of Gazegill Organics, said: “We know Brexit is going to bring both opportunities and challenges over the next few years. At Gazegill Organics we’re responding by really tuning into the domestic demand for locally sourced goods and organic produce.

“We’ve diversified so that we can sell direct to the consumer, and sales of our organic food has tripled in the last year.”

Over a thousand SMEs attended the first 100 clinics to hear about the report and put on by Barclays to help support their banking business customers through Brexit uncertainty.

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