Our Organic Turkeys, Free Range Ducks and Geese

are already selling out quickly!

Avoid disappointment by ordering before 15th October and only pay LAST YEARS PRICES. We will even treat you to a FREE 400g of organic sausage meat on us.

ORGANIC CHRISTMAS TURKEY SIZING GUIDE (Size up if you like the leftovers!)

  • 4kg for 4-6 people
  • 5kg for 6-8 people
  • 6kg for 8-10 people
  • 7kg for 12-14 people

Why Buy Our Organic Christmas Turkey

We believe it’s fundamentally important to know the origin of the meat you’re eating & the life journey it’s had. We work very closely with Springfield Organic Poultry who rear Organic Turkeys for us to the highest standards and certified by the Soil Association.

Our Organic Turkeys are slowly reared from July, roaming free in Springfield’s organic pastures leading a stress free and happy life. Their abbatoir and processing is on site so no stressful transportation is involved.

Roaming free

From dawn to dusk they enjoy shelter under the trees & wandering across the organic fields pecking, scratching and spreading their wings.

Stress free lifestyle

Our turkeys live a stress free life, we make sure of it. Springfield’s care & years of experience means stress free and healthy organic turkeys are produced annually. From being kept in natural and calm environments where the organic turkeys can exhibit natural behavior, to minimal handling & absolutely no live transportation.

Our Organic Nitrate Free Christmas Hams sell out quickly,

order now to avoid disappointment!

Our Organic Nitrate Free Christmas Hams are dry cured using an old curing recipe found in the farm archives, traditional and nitrate free cured using sea salt and organic molasses.

Most hams today are brine injected producing a rapid cure where a lot of moisture is retained and this is evident during cooking. Our nitrate free home cure uses sea salt and molasses to draw the moisture out, we then wash and hang to dry. This process gives a stunning Organic Nitrate Free Christmas Ham which is how ham should taste.

Our Organic herd of rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black pigs are slow grown and outdoor reared and free to roam our extensive outdoor pig pens (or large straw barns in the wet weather). Our organic pigs can explore natural behavior whilst foraging for goodies, this enhances the flavour of our Nitrate Free Traditional Organic Christmas Ham.

We will include some cooking instructions as our organic ham is best simmered slowly before being roasted.

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