Stop Genetic Modification

The GM industry promised that GM crops would lead to decreased pesticide use (but the truth has proven the opposite), higher yields and improved nutritional value. But not one commercially viable example has been produced for the UK market.

Worldwide, nearly all the commercially released GM crops are produced by three chemical companies. The use of herbicide glyphosate has skyrocketed since the introduction of glyphosate-resistant GM crops. And these crops create herbicide-resistant ‘superweeds’, trapping farmers in an increasingly expensive chemical race where the only winners are the chemical companies themselves.

Virtually all non-organic livestock raised in the UK are produced with GM feed—a worrying trend. These imported GM crops are also causing environmental damage where they are grown in North and South America due to the blanket spraying with the glyphosate.

Helen Browning CEO of The Soil Association says “GM is a huge distraction. It is diverting a massive amount of time, effort and attention from the really crucial issues facing food and farming – like looking after our soils. We have already degraded 25 to 40% of soils worldwide and unless we work very hard to reverse this damage, it will be impossible to feed the growing population healthily. GM is dangerous because it allows us to accelerate in the wrong direction.”  

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