Celebrating 7 Years Antibiotic-Free!

Over half the antibiotics used in the UK, are used in agriculture to treat animals whose products enter the food chain.

7 years ago, we decided to stop using antibiotics all together, instead allowing our herd to naturally build up their immunity and self-medicate on our herb rich pastures (see below for examples and their medicinal benefits). The cows immunity has built up over time, and passed on to the next generation and the next generation whose immune systems have naturally grown even stronger.

  We strongly believe that our cows are happier and healthier and we can 100% guarantee that when you drink our organic raw milk, that you are not consuming antibiotics.

Below is some information about various types of flowers and plants that are found in our meadows 🌱  


Butterbur is a herb which is used to treat the severity of migraines as well as the length of time they last. Hay fever that is caused by grass pollen can also be treated by use of Butterbur.


Celdandine is one of the first few flowers that appear after winter, providing a nectar source for pollinators emerging from hibernation. Celdandine leaves are also high in vitamin C.

Cow Parsley

 Cow Parsley is a plant which grows rapidly during the summer months. Similarly to Celdandine, it is important for pollinators, as well as being used in traditional medicines to treat stomach and kidney problems.


Garlic is one of the most popular herbs in the world, mainly used in cooking to enhance flavour. Garlic has additional health benefits such as reducing high blood pressure and reducing levels of cholesterol.

Germander Speedwell

Germander Speedwell is a low growing plant, usually found between March and July. It is often used in herbal tea cough remedies.

Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy is low plant which flowers between March and May. It is a member of the mint family with a bitter aftertaste, with it once being used as an agent to bitten beer.

Hedge Mustard

Hedge Mustard is a tall plant found between May October. The leaves are used in herbal medicines to treat ailments such as a sore throat.


Primrose is a small plant, usually being one of the first that flower around Spring. The flowers provide an important nectar source for butterflies.

Water Avens

Water Avens is a plant found in damp areas around the months between May and September. Parts of the plant are used in herbal medicine, with bees also commonly using this plant too.

Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry Plants produce small versions of the Strawberries we eat. The Strawberries that are found on this plant have medicinal qualities such as controlling diabetes, and helping to detoxify the body.

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