The Benefits of Organic Grass Fed Marrow Bones

What is bone marrow?

Bone marrow is found in the centre of bones, it is the soft filling that is the primary site of new blood cell production, platelets and plasma, which in turn are responsible for oxygen transportation, immune function, and blood clotting.

Traditionally marrow bones have played an important role in our diet because of their high nutritional value featuring in stews and soups, or scooped out and eaten directly from the bone.

Health Benefits of Eating Bone Marrow

Marrow bones are very nutrient dense, especially those from organic grass-fed beef marrow bones.

Our ancestors used bone marrow widely in traditional cuisines, not just in the UK but across the world.

The wide range and high density of vitamins and nutrients in organic bone marrow, make it a highly nutritious food.  Such high values are hard to find elsewhere in plant foods or even muscle meats.

Collagen, glycine, glucosamine and CLA play very important roles in maintaining our health.

Rich in vitamins and nutrients:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Riboflavin
  • Iron
  • Vitamin E
  • Phosphorus
  • Thiamine
  • Vitamin A
  • Protein
  • Collagen
  • Glycine
  • Glucosamine
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

How to Cook Bone Marrow

Our organic grass-fed bone marrow is exceptionally nutritious, adding flavour and texture to stews and soups. See our Organic Healing Broth Recipe

Organic Bone Marrow is also delicious when eaten straight from the bone, quite a delicacy.  Here is how to do it:

Roasting marrow bones in incredibly easy.

  1. Preheat oven to 180C
  2. Place cut bones upright on baking tray (to avoid leakage)
  3. Roast for 15-20 mins

Times and temperatures may vary depending upon your oven.

You’ll need a thin spoon (or similar tool) to scoop out the centre.  Eat directly from your spoon or use as a spread – Enjoy!

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The Carnivore diet was one of 2018’s biggest food trends, tens of of thousands joined Facebook groups and hundreds were talking about it on twitter.

Followers of the Carnivore Diet eat a variety of Organic 100% Grass Fed beef, pork, lamb, chicken, bone broth. Other foods allowed are fish, game, duck, seafood, salt (some allow eggs and milk).

The carnivore diet, like the Keto diet, looks to shift the emphasis of nutritional intake, from relying heavily on sugar for energy, to relying on other macronutrients.

Where the Keto diet looks to transform your body into a fat-burner, some say that the Carnivore diet looks to transform your into a protein burner.

Popularised by Mikhaila Peterson, the daughter of controversial academic Jordan Peterson, the diet basically flies in the face of every bit of nutritional advice you might have heard before! But Mikhaila says it’s helped cure the many health problems she suffered during her teenage years (rheumatoid arthritis, depression) and others report similarly positive results.

Generally, the Carnivore diet, also known as the zero-carb diet, consists of no plant-based foods, no fruit or vegetables, and no processed carbohydrates (for instance, cereals and grains). There exists a raft of mainstream news articles highlighting how unhealthy such a diet could be because an abundance of vitamins from meat might mean deficiencies elsewhere.

However, the carnivore diet is a very simple way of eating and followers have reported that they have experienced mental clarity, a clear head, improved digestive system and decreased inflammation.

So if you are already following the Carnivore Diet or are thinking of giving it a try, a great value quality supply of 100% Grass Fed Organic Meat is our Organic Carnivore Box . Whether for health reasons or to lose weight, if all you’re eating is meat, eggs, water, and some supplementary snacks, then (certainly in the short term) there’s not too many areas where you can go wrong.

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The Ketogenic Diet is a term for a “low carb diet” also known as a “high fat diet” because followers get their calories from protein and fat (i.e. not from carbohydrates).

Many followers of Ketogenic based diets are customers of Gazegill Organics because our organic raw milk, raw cream, organic cheese, organic butter, 100% grass fed meats and fats and oils are ideal – full of natural fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

The principal is that when you eat less than 50gms of carbohydrates per day you body runs out of blood sugar, then breaks down protein and fat for energy – also called ketosis.

Should you try it?

It is vital to work with a doctor or health professional. A keto diet has been shown to help the following conditions:

  • Type 2 Diabetes: one study found being on a keto diet for 1 year reversed diabetes for up to 60% of participants. With weight loss came a dramatic reduction or elimination of the need for insulin, and no longer needed oral hypoglycemic drugs.  People with Type 2 diabetes can do very well on the keto diet.
  • Obesity: If a persons body mass index is more than 40 or they have insulin resistance a keto diet can be helpful as a short term strategy to reset metabolism.
  • Epilepsy: A keto diet has been used to treat epilepsy  and other neurological conditions, research has shown improvements for those with Alzheimers, autism, brain cancers.

What to Eat on a Keto Diet:

  • 100% Pasture Fed Organic Beef, Lamb, Pork Chicken
  • Cheese, yogurt
  • Milk, cream, butter
  • Eggs
  • Coconut Oil
  • Avocado
  • Small quantities of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries

What Not to Eat on a Keto Diet

  • Refined Sugar
  • Soda
  • Pastries
  • White Bread
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Cereals
  • Potatoes and veg high in carbs

Research has shown that following a keto diet switches your body from burning carbs (i.e glucose) to burning fat (i.e ketones). When this happens metabolism speeds up, hunger goes away, muscle mass increases and the blood pressure and heart disease risk profile improves.

A keto diet has also been shown to stop the body making cholesterol, therefore less likely to have blood pressure and other heart conditions.

Insulin is a hormone that lets your body use sugar as a fuel or store it. Following a keto diet means you burn through this fuel very quickly so you don’t need to store it, therefore your body needs (and makes) less insulin.

So if you already follow the Keto Diet or are thinking of giving it a try, a great value quality supply of 100% Grass Fed Organic Meat, Proteins and good Fats is our Organic Keto Box.

Please always work with a health professional before starting this diet to make sure it is right for you.

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Followers of a Paleo Diet aim to eat as naturally as possible, going truly back to basics, eating like our ancestors did, avoiding processed foods, sugars and grains and focusing instead on healthy whole foods.

The Paleo Diet is increasingly popular as a basis for people who understand the many Benefits of Eating 100% Grass Fed Meat (higher in vitamins and minerals, Omega-3, Helps fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease).

Many followers of the Paleo way of eating don’t do it to lose weight, but to address digestive and inflammatory health issues. The natural fats from our 100% Grass Fed Meat & Milk promote gut health and the elimination of refined sugar and processed foods often leads to some weight loss.

100% Grass Fed Organic Meat is a corner stone of the Paleo Diet so we have put together Gazegill Organics Paleo Box containing a great mix of grass fed meats, nuts, and oils. We have even made a special Paleo Sausage for this Box which contains 99% pork and just salt and pepper seasoning.  Coming soon our Orgnaic Paleo Meatballs and Burgers!

What to Eat on a Paleo Diet:

  • 100% Pasture Fed Organic Beef, Lamb, Pork Chicken
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Olive Oil, Walnut & Avocado Oil
  • Fruit & Green Veg

What Not to Eat on a Paleo Diet

  • Refined Sugar
  • Processed Foods
  • Cereal grains
  • Legumes
  • Refined Veg oils
  • Some Paleo diets also exclude Dairy, Salt, Potatoes and Root Veg

What to Drink

Water is the go to drink.

Sensible Indulgences!

Tea, Coffee and Red Wine aren’t exactly Paleo but if you need them (which I do!) go for the best quality you can.  Tea can be very healthy loaded with anti oxidants, green tea is best and coffee is actually very high in antioxidants aswell. Red wine is perfectly fine in small amounts as it is also high in antioxidants and beneficial nutrients too. Dark chocolate 70%+ cocoa is also very nutritious.

So if you already follow the Paleo way of eating or thinking of giving it a try, a great value quality supply of 100% Grass Fed Organic Meat is our Organic Paleo Box . The principal makes sense, “this is more in tune with how our bodies evolved and how we fuelled ourselves over centuries……….”so that is why our ancestors had low rates of ‘lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Gluten Free, Preservative Free Sausages, Burgers and Meatballs

Do you enjoy a Sausage but have stopped eating them because you don’t know what’s in them? Do you suspect that they are full of additives and preservatives?

Most Sausages contain preservatives and other additives in order to slow down the growth of mould, yeast and bacteria and to extend their shelf life.

This goes against our ethos of natural, clean, healthy 100% grass-fed organic meat. So Gazegill’s Sausages (& Burgers and Meatballs)* are PRESERVATIVE FREE.  This just means we ask you to consume within 5 days or freeze.

So you can enjoy your Sausages in the knowledge that they are 98% organic grass fed pork, lamb or beef and 2% seasoning. The casings are also natural, these are meatier and have a more satisfying flavour than most bangers out there.

What is in the average banger? :
Pork (75%), Seasoning (Breadcrumbs (Rice Flour, Gram Flour, Maize Starch, Salt, Dextrose), Potato Starch, Dextrose, Salt, Yeast Extract, Spices (White Pepper, Coriander, Nutmeg), Emulsifier (E451(i)), Preservative (E221)(Sulphites), Herb (Sage), Spice Extracts, Antioxidant (E300)) Water.

What is in a Gazegill banger? :

Organic Sausage – Classic Pork (Gluten Free)



– Organic Rare Breed Pork (Approx. 98%)
– Sea Salt
– Organic Potato Starch
– Organic Ground Ginger
– Organic Cracked Black Pepper
– Organic Ground Nutmeg
– Organic Ground Coriander

*All ingredients of our sausages, burgers and meatballs are listed on our website. The classic pork sausage is the basis for all other flavours (we just add leek for pork & leek, chive for pork & chive etc).

The lamb and mint burgers and Cumberland sausages contain Absorbic Acid which is part of vitamin C and an anti-oxidant.

7 Reasons Why 100% Grass Fed Meat is Better for You!


Research has shown that when an animal is fed grain for as little as 80 days, the quality of the nutrients in the red meat decrease significantly.

It is quite unusual to find 100% organic grass fed meat in the UK, as most animals are fed some grain in their diets to reach the desired weight and conformation for supermarkets.

Here is a look at 100% grass fed meat vs grain fed meat:

1.  Contains upto 6 times more omega-3 fatty acids

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The Benefits of Liver, Kidney, Heart and Tongue to Your Diet

Adding Heart, Liver, Kidney and Tongue to your diet can have several benefits such as being an excellent source of iron, they keep you fuller for longer, are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and may help retain muscle mass. For example, there are around 20 gms of protein, 4 gms of calcium, 4 gms of iron, and
14 gms of magnesium in just one serving of beef liver.

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