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Free Delivery On Orders Over £40

1Ltr Acorn Dairy Organic Double Cream

1 Litre

This Organic Double Cream is made by our friends over at Acorn Dairy. They make their cream using traditional methods from from the milk of certified organic shorthorn cows. Pour over fruit or use it in your cooking to to take the flavour to the next level.

The nutritional info for the Double cream is:

Per 100ml
Energy 1919kJ         445 kcal
Total Fat                   47.5g
Saturates                 29.7g
Mono unsaturates   13g
Poly unsaturates     1.8g
Carbohydrates        1.6g
Of which sugars     1.6g
Protein                   1.9g
Salt                         0.1g

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Award Winning, Great Tasting, Organic Milk, Meat & Deli