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How To Cook Sirloin Steak
Sirloin steak is one of the most popular steaks, thanks to its fantastic flavour. This largely comes from the fat provided by a sirloin, which usually has a good degree of marbling, as well as a fat cap.
Organic Gammon Recipe
Whether your Gammon is for a festive feast, or cozy family dinner, our Gammon recipe has you covered. Most Gammon today is injected and wet cured rapidly to meet modern supermarket demand, where the nitrates in the Gammon give it a distinguishable pink...
An Update on Our Organic Raw Milk Stock During Autumn/Winter
During the Autumn and Winter months, some of you may have noticed that our organic raw milk is mostly out of stock on our website. This is a stark contrast to the Spring and Summer months, where generally we are able to keep our milk in stock a majority...
Katie And The Twins
Katie cow has for a number of days refused to join the herd walking up the road to higher pasture, but instead telling Emma that she will stay at home. Knowing her cows Emma listens to them and also makes regular checks on those expectant cows that are...