Spring At Gazegill

As The Snowdrops Fade & The Dafodills Begin To Open…

After a slow and cold start to spring, the temperatures are slowly rising, and now with some welcome rain, the growing season can really begin. Every year we eagerly await the first curlew call as they return to pair and know it is only a few weeks until the first swallow returns chattering around the cows. We are particularly proud to host the Curlew and Lapwing in the meadows whilst the house and farm buildings play host to the Swallows and Swifts.

In the meadows, we see the early flowers now coming through and we watch carefully as these now rare grasslands flourish and bloom. Around 97% of all hay meadows have been lost in the UK and this directly affects the Curlew and Lapwing as nesting sites are lost, it is critical for the curlew in particular as it is likely the bird will disappear within 10 years. The way we farm is now more important than ever and with better consumer awareness we can save this majestic bird.

We are doing our bit to help this bird and by supporting Gazegill you are helping too, without your support we would not be here. So with all our ducks in a row so to speak the next major event on the farm is hay-time and with the current weather interlude, the curlew has some breathing space, especially on the surrounding intensive farms. Farming is so much more than just food production because how we farm can have a massive effect on nature and habitat, both good and bad…


Restaurant Update


Our off-grid eco-restaurant is now in the final stages of construction, and we are hoping to open in early summer. 

Located here on the farm, our eco-restaurant is built alongside one of our meadows, where each table will have a stunning view of the iconic Pendle Hill.

If you would like to be one of the first to hear when we have an opening date, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.



Spring Baby Boom!


 New life on the farm never gets old.

With plenty of piglets and soon to be calves, it's a busy time for Farmers Sam and Tom. 

Our sows naturally take care of their piglets amazingly, but farmers Sam and Tom provide extra comforts including bedding, soy-free organic feed and lots of care! Which keeps these little piggies happy, healthy and warm!



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