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Botton Village Raw Organic Gouda


This mild, creamy Gouda cheese has been hand crafted and made using raw cow's milk from Botton's Organic dairy herd.  

Gouda is a fresh, mild and creamy cheese. 

As the cheese is made using raw milk, the milk's naturally occurring bacteria help to produce a cheese that is distinctive to Botton, the cows and their surroundings. 

Available from six weeks after production, the cheeses, each weighing between three and five kilograms, are washed in lightly salted water and turned regularly as they mature. As with all Goudas, you may sometimes find eyes (holes) in the cheese. These form naturally as the milk's citric acid breaks down. 

Like all of Botton Village's cheeses, Botton Gouda is made with vegetarian rennet and is certified as biodynamic organic.

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