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Cano Water - Natural Spring Water

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Cano water

Enjoy it either still or sparkling.

Cano water is a simple yet effective alternative to plastic, the aim of this product is to put an end to a global impact that plastic is currently having.

The benefits of Cano water packaging:

  • It is made out of Aluminium which is the highest recycling material within the drinks industry
  • Aluminium can protect from harmful toxins, whereas plastic water bottles can leak toxins if exposed to sunlight.
  • Water is kept cooler for longer.
  • With the reasealable feature it allows the customer to real the drink after the initial opening
  • As the resealable lid is far less than 50% of the total weight of the can, it gets absorbed into the recycling process without any compromise.

Cano water:

  • Filtered through the foothills of the Austrian alps
  • Makings its way through the ground collecting vital minerals and electrolytes before being collected and canned.
  • Has a high Ph7
  • Increased Alkaline concentration, aiding antioxidant properties to keep you feeling refreshed.
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Award Winning, Great Tasting, Organic Meat, Raw Milk & Deli