The Gazegill Education Project

We get some great testimonials from people who have had the Gazegill Education experience; it makes a huge difference to their confidence and brings additional enjoyment in their lives. Our project has been running since August 2013 and we’ve successfully supported a large group of people including those that come on our activities and their families and significant others.

Our Skilled Team

Learning Opportunities

Partners & Supporters

The Education Centre

The Gazegill Education Project has a large clean and modern education centre available to all who attend our training and activity days.

The education centre acts as the main hub of the project where people who attend will have a diverse range of activities and training to choose from, including healthy eating,personal development, social skills and interaction, arts and crafts and much more.

If you would like to visit our education centre, please email

Green Shoots

We are able to offer a variety of Horticultural activities for all levels of ability. Learning everything you need to know about growing from our experienced team including

If you would like to enquire as to how to get on one of our activities, please email

On the farm…

Our site is located on a working organic farm. We can offer a wide range of farm and animal care activities.

We have always believed that nature is never wrong and farming organically produces healthier food from happier animals within a sound ecological system.

The benefits of being involved in outdoor activities are numerous including increased self esteem and well being. Come and see for yourself!

If you would like to come and see what we do, please email