When should I expect to receive my order?

Due to the nature of our produce being slow grown and organic our stock does fluctuate this can impact delivery depending on what you have ordered. We deliver nationally Tuesday to Friday  (chicken products are only dispatched on Wednesday and Thursday). We aim to dispatch orders placed after Wednesday the following Monday to arrive with you Tuesday.

Please go here for more information: https://www.gazegillorganics.co.uk/delivery-information-31-w.asp

Which courier do you use?

We use APC Overnight who take your parcel from us in a temperature controlled box which is recyclable, has a thermal lining and recyclable ice packs keeping food chilled for up to 48 hours in transit.

How do I track my parcel?

When your order is dispatched by us we send you an email with an APC tracking code, when you click this you can track your parcel. On the morning of delivery APC text you with a 2 hour time slot.

What if I am not home for my delivery?

You don’t need to be in. When you place your order just fill in the “Leave in a Safe Place” instructions at checkout and the driver will leave the parcel where you tell us to.

Is there a delivery charge and minimum spend?

If you spend less than £40 the standard delivery charge is £8.99. If you spend over £40 then delivery is free. There is no minimum spend.

Milk Subscriptions Useful Information:

Please be aware that you will not receive a confirmation email. Once you subscribe and have successfully followed PayPal’s instructions you will not be redirected back to our website; however your subscription IS complete! You will receive your first batch as close to the date that you set up the subscription. Please note that we deliver Tuesday through Friday.

Going away? New Address? Too much milk? Too Little?

•    Get in touch we can postpone payments and milk deliveries during periods that you are unable to receive your subscription. Call 01200 44 55 19 or email us orders@gazegillorganics.co.uk

•    Paying through PayPal we will suspend the account until specified and begin sending milk again on a date convenient to you.

•    Paying via standing order, we will refund you for the previous orders for the amount of weeks you are due to be away, payments will continue as normal and we will begin sending milk again out on a date convenient to you.

•    Unhappy with the amount you are receiving, the frequency of delivery or the day of delivery? We can amend your current subscription to suit you – so please do not hesitate to ask. Call 01200 44 55 19 or email us orders@gazegillorganics.co.uk

How long does raw milk last?

When the raw milk is dispatched to you it has around 7 days shelf life, but the date has been clearly stamped on the bottle, so please check this.

Is the raw milk safe?

Yes, absolutely it is as nature intended! The key is hygiene, sales of our raw milk are strictly regulated by the Food Standards Agency on a daily basis it is produced in clinically clean conditions, goes from “teat to tank” without contacting the air, and is cooled to 2° within 5 minutes. There are only a handful of farms that are licensed to sell raw milk and we are one of the only organic ones.

Is the milk unpasteurised?

Yes. Raw means the same as unpasteurised.

What does unhomogenised mean?

As part of processing most milk is homogenised which means the cream is mixed up into the rest of the milk in a uniform way. Homogenised milk has been treated (shaken up with great force), to prevent particles of fat from rising to the top. When you do this, the size of the fat globules change and the fat and protein molecules are also rearranged.

Before homogenisation became the norm, you will remember that milk used to have a cream line at the top, and Gazegill’s raw, unhomogenised, organic milk has this cream line.

Can I freeze the organic raw milk?

Yes our organic raw milk freezes well and the nutrient value is maintained.

Can I freeze the organic meat?

Our organic meat is delivered fresh so you can freeze it. A couple of products such as Grass Fed Marrow Bones are frozen but this is clearly stated on the product page.

How long do preservative free sausages and burgers last?

Our organic sausages and burgers are preservative free and as such have a shelf life of 5 days but please check the best before date printed on the product label. They are great products to freeze and make a quick super meal with.

Is Stock always available?

Once your order has been placed:

We do have temporary stock shortages of certain items (for example if there is a sudden rush on for liver or kidney, there are only so many of these per animal). If we have to hold your order back because we have run out of an item then this will only be for 24 to 48 hours. We will send you a dispatch email once we have processed your order and you will know it is on the way.

Out of Stock on the website:

Sometimes milk is out of stock on the website in the winter because the cows produce less and we fulfil order to our subscription customers first.The best thing to do is enter your email address on the product page of an out of stock item and as soon as we put some in stock you will receive an email and can place an order.

Is everything organic?

All our milk, beef, veal, lamb, mutton, chicken, pork, bacon, gammons, sausages, burgers, cheese are organic and certified by Organic Farmers & Growers. We also stock a range of deli items and most are organic but some might not be. If they are not organic they are fairtrade or ethically produced and we think they complement our range whilst fitting with our ethos.

What if something is missing from my order?

If you have ordered something that is unavailable, we will usually refund the item or send a voucher code before you receive your order. If you have a missing item from your order and have not yet received a refund or voucher code, please contact us on 01200 445519 or orders@gazegillorganics.co.uk, and we can provide a refund or voucher code for the missing items.