Our Farming Family
Do you know where your produce comes from?

Here at Gazegill, the Robinson family have farmed the land for nearly 500 years. Passed from one generation to the next the ethos has always been to farm with nature and leave our historic landscape as given, after all we are only the current baton holders waiting to pass it on to our children. We approach every day with a great saying in mind...

"We do not inherit our time on this planet from our parents, but rather borrow it from our children..."

The name Gazegill is mentioned in the Doomsday book and was left here by Viking visitors, it simply means "Goat Valley". Our pasture is witness to old farming methods and these are still clearly visible today. Medieval ridge and furrow and ancient droving tracks that are littered with coins, brooches, buckles and other daily items, some dating from the late Roman period. It is another great aspect of the long family association with our land that these historical features survive still whilst much around us has been lost to the plough.

Current custodians Emma Robinson and Ian O'Reilly have taken a mixed livestock farm that was selling everything wholesale to a diversified retail operation. All members of the family are involved and although still young, our children are learning the ropes as it is important to know that Gazegill will be in safe hands in the future. Being around animals our children have a sixth sense when it comes to looking after them, they are after all our extended family, its great to see our children grow in such a natural environment.