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Free Range Duck

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Plump, tender, a delicious treat, 2.5kg - 2.7kg - Pre-Order for Delivery 21st - 23rd Dec
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Christmas orders including poultry will arrive between 21st & 23rd December, you will receive dispatch confirmation the day before your order arrives - please help us by placing a separate Christmas order to orders that you would like delivering straight away.

Bored of a traditional Chicken? Why not try our Free Range Duck! The thick skin means that is becomes extra crispy when cooked, but has delicious, tender meat which has a combination of a sweet, savoury taste. 

Our range of free range Ducks are supplied by Springfield Poultry, who have over 20 years of experience rearing free range Ducks. These Free Range ducks are brooded in special heated barns for 28 days. After this time, the Ducks are relocated to the field where they have access to a pond and grassy pastures. All the Ducks are reared outdoors in a natural environment and given a completely natural diet. Completely free of antibiotics and growth promoters.

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