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Free Delivery On Orders Over £40

'Inflation busting' Organic Freezer Box

Choose regular or large

Our 'Inflation busting' Organic Freezer Box contains a variety of our favourite, more economical cuts of Organic Meat. The contents of the box is still sent fresh, so it is up to you whether you use the meat now or freeze it for a later date. 

Regular box contents: 

- 1kg Organic Ox Liver

- 1kg Organic Ox Heart

- 500g Organic Ox Kidney

- 2 x 750g Organic Oxtail 

- 1kg Organic Ox Cheek

Large box contents: 

- 2 x 1kg Organic Ox Liver

- 2 x 1kg Organic Ox Heart

- 2 x 500g Organic Ox Kidney

- 4 x 750g Organic Oxtail 

- 2 x 1kg Organic Ox Cheek

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