Its good to give...


Hi, I am Izzy O'Reilly and I am Emma and Ian's daughter. I am 12 years old and for a year now I have been collecting food and other items for homeless people, rough sleepers and armed forces veterans that have fallen on hard times. There are many reasons why people are living rough and a lot of support is needed to get someone off the street and back under a roof, what i am trying to do is fill the gap whilst the right support can be offered. Its not just food that is needed but gloves and warm clothing as well, my aim is to put together as many items as possible in an emergency street hamper which include some or all of the following:

Gloves and items of warm clothing (socks and jumpers)


Ready to eat protein rich meals

Chocolate and protein snacks

Hygiene Wipes and tissues

Dog food (yes. some homeless people have a dog)

These emergency packages are distributed in Preston, Liverpool and Manchester by volunteers and are lifelines for many but we never have enough and there is always potentially someone that misses out, I really do need your help...

You can really help me by clicking on the Just Giving link at checkout and selecting a gift amount that I can then turn into some much needed help. Thank you, your help really makes a difference to someone's life...