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Local Wild Game Box

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Big box filled with stunning cuts of Locally Sourced Wild Game
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This Box Contains:
- 2 x Wild Venison Leg Steaks
- 500g Diced Wild Venison
- 600g Mini Wild Haunch Joint
- 4 x Wild Venison Burgers
- 2 x Oven Ready Wood Pigeons
- 1 x Oven Ready Pheasant
- 1 x Brace Partridge
- 1 x Oven Ready Rabbit

Demand for Wild Game has been rocketing year on year due to its natural qualities as one of the healthiest meats available.

Gazegill Local Wild Game tastes fantastic, with a deep rich flavour (see our wild venison goulash recipe  – as the nights start to draw in, it’s wonderful comfort food!).

Gazegill’s Local Wild Game is low in fat and an extremely good source of protein with double the amount of iron content. It is also easily digested, full of essential omega 3 fatty acids, and rich in vitamins B6 and B12.

It’s the perfect autumnal pick me up!