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Meat Boxes

Our organic meat boxes offer fantastic value for money. From succulent steak boxes, to our BBQ boxes, there's something for every palette to enjoy.

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Amazing Tasting Steaks in Great Value Box
Our best selling Organic Burgers & Sausages!
The perfect box for those following the Carnivore Diet.
Amazing Steaks - Fillet, Sirloin, Rump, Minute Steaks
A great value Organic 100% Grass Fed box containing a huge amount of Keto Diet essentials
A box for your Paleo Diet needs at a great price, full of Organic 100% Grass Fed Meat and more.

Shoulder & Leg Joints, Chops, Cutlets, Neck, Kidney, Lamb Breast

BBQ essentials, featuring Burgers, Sausages, Kebabs and Steaks!
Save on our best selling mince!
Save on our organic pork mince
Organic plain Pork Sausages, Plain Beef Burgers, Tender Lamb Kebabs & Biona Organic Tomato Ketchup.
Diced Pork, Minced Beef, Diced Beef, Roast Beef, Burgers and Pork Sausages
Bulk Buy Minced Beef, Diced Beef & Braising Steak
Leg joints, shoulder joints, pork chops, belly pork, trotters and pork steaks.
3 x Loin Chops (120g Per Chop) & 3 x Cutlet Chops (110g per chop)
Great value box, with a range of Mutton cuts
Chops, Steaks, Roasting joints with crackling, Diced, Mince, Sausages
Variety Selection - Including Steaks, Oxtail, Shin and more
Shoulder & Leg Joints, Chops, Cutlets, Diced, Minced, Neck, Kidney, Heart
Our most popular cuts of Organic Pork
Great Value Variety - Diced, Minced, Brisket, Lamb, & Beef
Minced Pork, Diced Pork and Pork Shoulder
Available in £50, £75 and £100
Available in £50, £75 and £100

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