Milk Subscriptions

Around the winter time, our cows produce less milk due to the weather being colder. This means we do not offer milk subscriptions this time, but they should resume again around March or April. In the meantime, we will sporadically have stock of Organic Raw Milk again here.

Please be aware that once you have subscribed, you will not receive a confirmation email. Once you subscribe and have successfully followed PayPal’s instructions you will not be redirected back to our website; however your subscription IS complete! You will receive your first batch as close to the date that you set up the subscription. Please note that we deliver Tuesday through Friday.

Going away? New Address? Too much milk? Too Little?

•    Get in touch we can postpone payments and milk deliveries during periods that you are unable to receive your subscription. Call 01200 44 55 19 or email us

•    Paying through PayPal we will suspend the account until specified and begin sending milk again on a date convenient to you.

•    Paying via standing order, we will refund you for the previous orders for the amount of weeks you are due to be away, payments will continue as normal and we will begin sending milk again out on a date convenient to you.

•    Unhappy with the amount you are receiving, the frequency of delivery or the day of delivery? We can amend your current subscription to suit you – so please do not hesitate to ask. Call 01200 44 55 19 or email us