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Organic Beef Minute Steaks

4 x 50g

In a rush, the clues in the name ‘Minute Steaks’ (also known as frying steaks). Simply fry for a minute on both sides for a simple but scrumptious meal.

  • 100% Organic, Grass Fed, Heritage Breed Beef, no chemicals, hormones or preservatives

  • 4 per pack

  • Lean Beef Minute Steaks

  • Store in the fridge and use within date on product or freeze on delivery.

Our organic beef comes from our heritage breeds in Lancashire and due to their grass-fed diet means that the meat has a unique flavour. This develops due to the number of species of plants in the meadows that the cows consume! As a result, the meat is naturally high in omega-3s, CLA and electrolytes.

These minute steaks have been finely cut by our expert butchers for you to make an easy meal. As the name suggests they can be cooked in a tsp of oil for a minute on each side and be done! Alternatively, get creative and add our minute steaks sliced up in your stir fry, or why not try a hearty minute steak sandwich?

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