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Organic Beef Rib Roasting Joint

Choose from 2 (2kg), 3 (3kg) and 4 Rib (4kg) 

Our Organic Rib Roast Joints on the bone are hung and matured for maximum flavour. This is the centrepiece of any celebration and doesn't only look impressive but tastes divine and will leave you coming back for seconds.

  • 100% Organic, Grass Fed, Heritage Breed, no chemicals, hormones or preservatives

  • 2 Rib, 3 Rib or 4 Rib joints available

  • An impressive Centrepiece

  • Store in the fridge and use within date on product or freeze on delivery.

Organic farming means happy bugs and micro-organisms that form the basis for a food chain that supports a wealth of small mammals and birds. It also impacts the flavour of the meat that is produced as a byproduct. 

This cut can be presented to a room full of hungry friends and family members within a few hours of cooking. We recommend serving your roast with a portion of creamy dauphinoise potatoes and some locally grown greens for a satisfyingly simple but effective meal!

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