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Organic Carnivore Diet Box

The perfect box for those following the Carnivore Diet.

What's in the box?

- 2 x 198g Organic Sirloin Steaks

- 400g Organic Beef Steak Mince

- 4 x 120g Lamb Chops

- 6 x Organic Paleo Sausage (Minimum weight 250g)

- 500g Ox Liver

Followers of the Carnivore Diet eat a variety of Organic 100% Grass Fed beef, pork, lamb, chicken. Other foods allowed are fish, game, duck, seafood, salt (some allow eggs and milk).

The carnivore diet, like the Keto diet, looks to shift the emphasis of nutritional intake, from relying heavily on sugar for energy, to relying on other macro-nutrients.

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