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Here at Emma’s Dairy we believe that cows should have the freedom to roam, grazing our pastures and producing raw organic milk that is naturally high in omega 3. Our cows produce a natural amount of milk and are not intensified in any way to produce more, thats why our milk is rich in butterfat and protein. We do not homogenise our milk but believe that in leaving a cream line you can enjoy simply put an un-tampered with natural product that is full of natures best, we also offer raw organic milk and pasteurized milk as well as cream and offer UK wide delivery, we hope you enjoy it… if you have any questions, feel free to email us emma@gazegillorganics.co.uk or call us at the dairy 01200 445519  07980 817880…

Hi Ian.

Thanks very much I just collected the delivery.The milk and cream are fantastic! I will be looking forward for the raw cream if you ever have it on sale, but even the pasteurised is really exceptional it tastes like ice cream with no sugar. Delicious. I will be ordering probably every fortnight or every three weeks (i see how quickly I drink it)so I wondered if I can return this wool insulation to you. If not I will make a natural mattress 😉 All the best for you and your team. Big thanks to Emily, Daisy Buttons and their pals.


Raw Organic Milk Label

Raw Milk Licensed

Raw Organic Cows Milk… We are one of only a handful of farms in the UK that is licensed to sell raw drinking milk, milk which is straight from the cow and as nature intended. The milk contains all the healthy bacteria that we need to maintain a healthy gut and the enzymes are alive making it easier for us to absorb calcium, not to mention that the real white stuff tastes great – the more processes milk has to endure, the poorer the taste. We take great care to ensure that the milking plant and our cows are squeaky clean giving us the confidence to sell our milk knowing it is the perfect pint. If you would like more information about raw organic milk please contact us, the milk is available from the farm shop and we also deliver nationwide, orders over £20 are free shipping too… try the healthy alternative.
The legalities regards Raw Drinking Milk are such that it may only be sold direct by the farm to the end user… if it is coming from anywhere else its not genuine and may not be licensed.


Q: Will raw milk make me ill?

A: Not if it is properly licensed and inspected by the Food Standards Agency. Grass fed milk is generally healthier because milk collected from cows fed organic grass (and a minimum of grain) means the cows diets are not changing the composition of the milk and hinder its ability to protect itself. Grass-fed milk has natural antibiotic properties that help protect it (and those lucky enough to drink it) from pathogenic bacteria. The key to safe raw organic milk is hygiene, in the parlour and around the cow, we take great care making sure your milk is as safe as possible and as natural as it can ever be. We are regulated by the Food Standards Agency and we are required by law to put the following health warning on each bottle:

"This milk has not been heat treated and therefore may contain organisms harmful to health"

Emma’s Dairy is situated at Lower Gazegill Farm, Rimington in the shadow of Pendle Hill.

Emma’s Dairy is situated at Lower Gazegill Farm, Rimington in the shadow of Pendle Hill. We have a traditional herd of Dairy Shorthorns which produce a raw organic milk high in butterfat and because of their grass and herb rich diet it is naturally higher in omega 3. We are proud of our history and the land here has been managed by the same family for nearly 500 years, our Hay Meadows have been sensitively managed during this time and are rich in flora and our girls thrive on the food they yield. During the spring many flowers can be seen, many of which are rare, and ground nesting birds such as Curlews and Lapwings are resident as well. Here at the Dairy you can find our on-farm outlet selling all of our meat and dairy produce alongside our visitor and education centre where we host free educational trips for schools and groups and during the summer months family hedgerow safaris. We welcome visitors to the farm and hope to be meeting you soon.