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Organic Diced Stewing Steak

Choose 400g or 600g

Diced stewing steak is a home cook’s staple, and can be used in lots of dishes, from beef curries to slow-cooked stews or a traditional casserole.

  • Versatile Slow Cook Steak

  •  400g or 600g pack available

  •  Heritage Organic Beef 

  •  Store in the fridge and use within date on product or Freeze on delivery.


Our stewing steak is beautifully marbled so that when the meat is slow-cooked, it begins to break down and deepens in flavour to create a stunning dish. Our beef is renowned for its excellent taste and we put this down to the way the cows are reared. They are well-loved and left to enjoy our green, heritage meadows day in, day out. 97% of organic wild hay meadows have been lost since the 1930s, so we are currently upholding the remaining 3% and we hope that our efforts see a rise in this number even if only by 0.01%, we consider any increase a massive achievement. When you buy from us, you are supporting the ecosystem that thrives in our fields and you will be able to taste that in our meat.