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Organic Keto Diet Box

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A great value Organic 100% Grass Fed box containing a huge amount of Keto Diet essentials
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What's in the box?

- 6 rashers of Organic Nitrate Free Back Bacon

- 6 x Organic Paleo Sausages 

- 2 x 198g Organic Sirloin Steaks

- 2 x 220g Organic Nitrate Free Gammon Streaks

- 400g Organic Beef Steak Diced

- 1.2kg Organic Half Leg of Lamb

- Coconut Oil

- 1 litre Organic Raw Milk

- 250g Organic Butter

The Ketogenic Diet is a term for a “low carb diet” also known as a “high fat diet” because followers get their calories from protein and fat (i.e. not from carbohydrates). 

Many followers of Ketogenic based diets are customers of Gazegill Organics because our organic raw milk, organic cheese, organic butter, 100% grass fed meats and fats and oils are ideal - full of natural fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. 

Please note we no longer produce Organic Raw Cream, so it is no longer included in the Organic Keto Box. 

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