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Organic Lamb Noisette

4 x Noisettes (Approx. 350g)

Four lamb noisettes from our  flock of rare-breed organic sheep. Home reared and grown on our upland pastures and then brought back to the heart of the farm and finished in our species-rich meadows. Boned and rolled and cut an inch thick, these are the very best end of lamb…

Our rare breeds are suited to our climate and are full of flavour, our Lamb Noisette are a simple to cook yet stunning dish, no bone to deal with just succulent meat and crispy fat – served with dauphinoise potatoes and some fresh green beans, one of our favourites. Lamb Noisette, a real treat…

Here at Gazegill we let nature be our lead, the results are simply…  well, natural. Hay meadows not ploughed for 500 years which produce the most amazing array of herbs, grasses and flowers – all of which have a purpose and some of which have a medicinal role to play. Free to roam and select the grass and herbs they need, our animals are as nature made. Add to this the zero tolerance on antibiotics, no use of herbicides or pesticides, just strong immune systems that have been allowed to develop as nature intended. We have a phrase here on the farm, it’s not what’s in it but rather what’s not.

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