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Organic Luxury BBQ Box

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Organic Beef Burgers, Beef Sausages, Sirloin Minute Steaks and Lamb Steak Kebabs
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What's in the box? 

- 4 x Organic Gluten Free Beef Burgers (Minimum weight 400g)

- 6 x Organic Gluten Free Beef Sausages (Minimum weight 150g)

- 4 x 100g Organic Sirloin Minute Steaks

- 4 x Organic Lamb Leg Steak Kebabs

Our new Gazegill Organic Luxury BBQ Box, includes Organic 100% grass fed Sirloin Steaks which have been tenderised so that they cook perfectly on the barbeque.

Our livestock is grass fed on the upland pastures of Pennine Lancashire and North Yorkshire, a fantastic mix of herbs gives our organic meats a unique flavour and being grass fed they naturally contain more omega 3 fatty acids and of course flavour. Slowly and naturally grown on grass rather than concentrate fed the flavour is worlds apart from the quick grown and protein raised alternative.

A good marbling of fat distributed throughout the meats adds flavour and nutrients.