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Organic Luxury Kebab Box

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Organic Beef Fillet Kebabs, Lamb Steak Kebabs, Diced Pork Kebabs and Tender Veal Kebabs
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What's in the box? 

- 2 x Organic Beef Fillet Kebabs

- 2 x Organic Lamb Leg Steak Kebabs 

- ​​​​2 x Organic Diced Pork Kebabs 

- 2 x Organic Tender Veal Kebabs

Our new Organic Luxury Kebab Box, featuring some of our most popular organic meats on easy to cook skewers! 

Organic Fillet of Beef Kebabs from our organic Shorthorn or Hereford cattle, these breeds convert our lush wild grasses into stunning beef

Organic Lamb Leg Steak Kebabs from our organic rare breed sheep, a recent google review declared "the flavour is king"

Organic Pork Kebab from our organic Oxford Sandy & Black herd, traditional slow grown, outdoor reared and tastes as pork used to

Organic Tender Veal Kebabs from our organic, free range, grass fed herd, rose or pink and incredibly tender (a favourite with the kids)