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Free Delivery On Orders Over £40

Organic Moo Box by Gazegill

Great Value Box

Our organic 'Moo Box', features a variety of Beef cuts as well as our organic raw milk! 

  • Our Best Selling Beef Favourites

  • Antibiotic - Free produce

  • Grass-Fed Beef

  • Store in the fridge and use within date on product or Freeze on delivery.

This box contains:

4 Litres Raw Organic Milk

1x Leagrams Organic Crumbly Cheese

1x Leagrams Organic Creamy Cheese

1x Leagrams Organic Mature Lancashire Cheese 

4x 400g Diced Beef 

4x 400g Minced Beef

1x 500g Braising Steak

1kg Beef Roasting Joint

4x 100g Beef Olives

1 x12 Thin Beef Sausages

We like to think of this as the ultimate Gazegill box, it provides you with a well-rounded collection of our best selling products, whilst making a saving! The box will make several meals or plenty of food for a party. Our beef is renowned for its excellent taste and we put this down to the way the cows are reared. They are well-loved and left to enjoy our green, heritage meadows day in, day out. 97% of organic wild hay meadows have been lost since the 1930s, so we are currently upholding the remaining 3% and we hope that our efforts see a rise in this number even if only by 0.01%, we consider any increase a massive achievement. When you buy from us, you are supporting the ecosystem that thrives in our fields and you will be able to taste that in our meat.

We suggest you roast our 1kg roasting joint and alongside an assorted of vegetables, gravy and Yorkshire puddings, serve cauliflower in a cheese sauce using our organic raw milk and Leagram’s mature Lancashire cheddar as the main ingredients.

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