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Organic Mutton Selection Box

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Great value box, with a range of Mutton cuts
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Mutton is a sheep that has lived beyond 2 years old. This animal has walked and grazed over miles of green pastures and led a happy life. You can tell this from the fat content of the meat which gives mutton its full flavour and tender texture. These classic cuts and the new mutton burgers are an excellent choice for your evening meal and will satisfy everyone at the table!

This box contains:

- 1 x Half Leg of Mutton

- 1 x Half Shoulder of Mutton

- 400g Minced Mutton

- 4 x Mutton Burgers

- 2 x Mutton Neck End Pieces 

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Award Winning, Great Tasting, Organic Milk, Meat & Deli