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Organic One Fillet Steak (large)

1 x 300g Steak

Beautifully trimmed fillet steak from organic grass-fed beef, succulent and tasty, pan-fried with or without a sauce. 

  • 100% Organic, Grass-Fed, Heritage Breed, no chemicals or preservatives

  • 1 x 300g (10oz) Fillet Steak

  •  Store in the fridge and use within date on product or freeze on delivery.

This renowned cut is naturally low in fat which makes it incredibly tender. The flavour of our meat is enriched by the grass diet that our cows consume throughout the year. They feast on over 60 species of plants that provide rich fodder, full of nutrients that in turn makes the meat an excellent source of omega 3, electrolytes and CLA.

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