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Organic Paleo Diet Box

A box for your Paleo Diet needs at a great price, full of Organic 100% Grass Fed Meat and more.

Followers of a Paleo Diet aim to eat as naturally as possible, going truly back to basics, eating like our ancestors did, avoiding processed foods, sugars and grains and focusing instead on healthy whole foods.

The Paleo Diet is increasingly popular as a basis for people who understand the many Benefits of Eating 100% Grass Fed Meat (higher in vitamins and minerals, Omega-3, Helps fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease).


- 2 x 7oz Organic Ribeye Steaks

- 400g Organic Steak Mince

- 400g Organic Steak Diced

- 2 x Organic Pork Chops

- Half Organic Leg of Lamb

- 6 Organic Paleo Sausage (Pork, Salt, Pepper only)

- Organic Avocado Oil

- Organic Brazil Nuts

- Organic Nuts

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