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Free Delivery On Orders Over £40

Organic Rolled Beef Brisket

1kg or 2kg joints

Brisket, is a seriously underrated cut, it doesn’t break the bank, serves 6 and is wonderfully tender when slow-cooked

  • 100% Organic, Grass-Fed, Heritage Breed, no chemicals, hormones or preservatives

  •  1Kg or 2Kg joints available

  •  Delicious Slow Roast

  •  Store in the fridge and use within date on product or freeze on delivery.

We love brisket, partly because it can be cooked with little effort yet guarantees a showstopping outcome. The cut became popular over in Texas. This is because they had vast plains of land for cattle and due to the amount of meat available they were able to reduce the cost considerably. Lower-income families could afford the meat and revolutionised the way it was cooked to produce the best flavour. It’s not considered to be tender but if it is braised, smoked or slow-roasted, it softens and becomes beautifully delicate. These cooking methods allow the fats in the meat to render down slowly, meaning it retains moisture and explodes with flavour.  We raise our cattle organically on the grass in Pennine Lancashire. They are slow grown and are reared in harmony with nature. 

No pesticides, no herbicides and no artificial fertilisers, just good old-fashioned well-rotted bedding muck like we have done for centuries.

It is important for us to use nature to our advantage and work with her, our wild bees and pollinators help us as much as our bugs and earthworms, healthy and living soil which yields from year to year without the need to plough, re-seed or feed with artificial fertilisers and all because we let nature lead us and show us the way.

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