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Organic Salted Pasteurised Butter

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The Torpenhow Cheese Company are a small family run farm in the Northern fells of Cumbria. Their farming methods reflect ours and we share a similar ethos. They achieved Organic status in 2020 yet their practises were organic long before that.

This is a salted pasteurised butter from their Jersey herd, it is produced using their deliciously rich and creamy milk and comes in 200g packs. 

'Our belief is that non-stressed grazing cows produce top quality creamy milk, which is the foundation to top quality cheese and butter...we hope you can taste some of that meadow-sweet country air in every bite!'

They also offer three tasty cheeses to tickle your tastebuds; Park Cheddar, Torpenhow Brie and Torpenhow Blue.

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