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Organic Shoulder of Lamb

1.2kg or 2.4kg

One shoulder of lamb from our rare-breed organic lamb. Home reared and finished in our species-rich meadows.

Wandering around Gazegill farm you can see signs of our archeological heritage too, whether it be our medieval ridge and furrow or our Roman road (an ancient driving track where a plethora of Roman and later coins and other interesting artifacts have been found) sadly around us these features have slowly been taken out as intensive farming has taken hold. A little island of history and nature which is a joy to wander round.

Species rich hay meadows, medieval ridge and furrow, dew ponds and even a roman road form some of the farms archaeological features although it is the species rich hay meadows which have a direct impact on today’s produce. Our biological heritage meadows have over fifty species and in some areas orchids and other gems can be found, we believe that every plant species has a food chain that stems from it and this in turn is what builds a rich, diverse and healthy local ecosystem.

Our sheep are a mixed bunch but our main flock are the Hampshire Downs, a breed that produce a strong lamb which in early spring are up and doing well whatever the weather, a great and versatile breed.

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