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Organic Whole Turkey

Sweet and succulent, choose from 4kg-7kg - Pre-Order for Delivery 21st - 23rd Dec

Christmas orders including poultry will arrive between 21st & 23rd December, you will receive dispatch confirmation the day before your order arrives - please help us by placing a separate Christmas order to orders that you would like delivering straight away.

We believe it’s fundamentally important to know the origin of the meat you’re eating & the life journey it’s had. We work very closely with Springfield Organic Poultry who rear Organic Turkeys for us to the highest standards and certified by the Soil Association. 

With over 50 years rearing experience, they know that dawn to dusk access to fresh pastures, organic feed, fresh air and natural surroundings is what creates the perfect Christmas bird.

Turkey Size Guide

- 4-5kg for 4-6 people 
- 5-6kg for 6-8 people 
- 6-7kg for 8-10 people 
- 7-8kg for 12-14 people

Roaming free

From dawn to dusk they enjoy shelter under the trees & wandering across the organic fields pecking, scratching and spreading their wings.

Stress free lifestyle

Our turkeys live a stress free life, we make sure of it. Springfield's care & years of experience means stress free and healthy organic turkeys are produced annually. From being kept in natural and calm environments where the organic turkeys can exhibit natural behaviour, to minimal handling & absolutely no live transportation.

We will include cooking instructions so that your Christmas day can be stress free!