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Raw Organic Galloway Farmshouse Cheddar


Alan and Helen Brown have been farming a herd of British-Fressian Crosses for over 30 years and making cheese using their raw milk. They have a very close relationship with their herd and only make cheese using the milk produced on the same day, as it is a very sensitive production line. This sensitivity and care is telling in the final product. Their hard cheddar recipe has been refined to perfection and matured for a minimum of 12 months. Using raw milk to produce cheese retains the naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and probiotics. These are beneficial aid digestion and keep us healthy. Pasturing milk can reduce the bodies ability absorb the beneficial bacteria and can make it not as digestible.

'The production of healthy food is at the heart of our philosophy. We are committed to producing the best quality organic cow's milk cheeses available, naturally and sustainable.

The cows enjoy a good life at Millairies, Galloway, Scotland.  Organic production and animal welfare are important to us because we believe they result in superior cheeses.' - Alan and Helen Brown

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