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The Oink Box - Free Range Outdoor Reared

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Our most popular cuts of Organic Pork
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What's in the box?

- 400g Minced Pork

- 400g Diced Pork
- 2 x 300g Pork Chops

- 2 x 220g Gammon Steaks 
- 2 x 300g Pork Steaks 

- 4 x Pork and Apple Burgers

- 12 x Classic Pork Sausage 

- 1kg Pork Boneless Leg Joint with Crackling  

- 1kg Pork Belly Slab 

- 6 Rashers Back Bacon

The Oink Box – Free Range Outdoor Reared

This selection pack is some of the more popular cuts of our rare breed organic pigs, this beautifully lean and tender meat is slowly grown and full of traditional flavour. A great opportunity to fill the freezer!

Our pork is different and tastes like pork used to taste, we put his down to how we rear them, slowly and outdoors where they behave in a natural way using their muscles more but giving a flavour that is unique – they get no wet feed like most supermarket rubbish but are fed on a carefully blended cereal and grass, the average intensive pig can be reared in as little as 20 weeks where it is housed for its entire life and fed on demand – our outdoor and free-range pigs take 12 months to mature and have a natural layer of fat. Try a joint of our pork slowly cooked on a low heat in cider this will be the best Sunday roast pork you will have eaten and the battle over the crackling will be fierce!

The Oink Box – free range outdoor reared pork at its best, a really versatile pack.

One of our favourite recipes is pork shoulder cooked in milk and carrots, an Italian classic that sounds at first a little strange but once tried this recipe will rank among the ones to pull out when friends are coming – the sauce that is created through the cooking is unique and although the classic recipe uses pork loin the shoulder is a better cut especially for this…

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