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The Ultimate Rose Veal Box

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A fantastic selection of organic rose veal
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What's in the box?

- 1.6kg Minced Veal (4 x 400g)

- 1.6kg Diced Veal (4 x 400g)

- 4 x 110g Veal Escallops 4 (approx. 440g)

- 2 x 250g Pieces Osso Bucco

- 4 x Veal and Fig Burgers (Minimum weight 440g)

- 2 x 175g Veal T-Bones

- 2 x 300g Veal Cutlets

This selection pack is some of our more popular cuts of this beautifully lean and tender organic meat.

We farm our rose veal free range for a better flavour, and they are grass fed and high welfare. A wonderful selection of organic Rose Veal cuts giving a versatile range of recipes.

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