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Whisky Oak Smoked Salmon 100g

100g. Shelf life: 16-21 days

All orders placed by Tuesday 9am that include fish will be delivered on a Friday. 

We are happy to introduce you to Ramus; a family run fish mongers based in Grimsby, Yorkshire. We are pleased to have partnered with them to bring you and your friends and family a range of sustainably caught British fish. They have a range of fresh, smoked and cured fishy treats that we can deliver to you just in time for a traditional Friday dinner.

For 50 years, Ramus Seafood has built an award winning reputation for supplying fresh, premium quality, great value Fish & Seafood.  They are part of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition which sets the strictest standards of ethical sourcing and sustainable fishing in the UK.

This Whisky Smoked Salmon has a superb flavour, cured in a whiskey brine and cold smoked, the delicate flavour of the fish is enhanced.