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Organic Christmas Nitrate Free Gammon

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Home-cured with sea salt and molasses, choose from 2kg or 4kg - Pre-Order for Delivery Between 19th - 22nd Dec
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Christmas orders including Gammons will arrive between 19th & 22nd December, you will receive dispatch confirmation the day before your order arrives - please help us by placing a separate Christmas order to orders that you would like delivering straight away.

Please note this product is only available for Christmas delivery. 

Our Organic Nitrate Free Gammons are dry cured using an old curing recipe found in the farm archives, traditional and nitrate free cured using sea salt and organic molasses.

Most Gammons today are brine injected producing a rapid cure where a lot of moisture is retained and this is evident during cooking. Our nitrate free home cure uses sea salt and molasses to draw the moisture out, we then wash and hang to dry. This process gives a stunning Organic Nitrate Free Gammon which is how ham should taste.

Our Organic herd of rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black pigs are slow grown and outdoor reared and free to roam our extensive outdoor pig pens (or large straw barns in the wet weather). Our organic pigs can explore natural behaviour whilst foraging for goodies, this enhances the flavour of our Nitrate Free Traditional Organic Ham.

We will include some cooking instructions as our organic ham is best simmered slowly before being roasted.

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