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It's All About Nature
Our Organic pastures are a biological heritage site where over 60 species of grasses, plants, herbs and wildflowers grow for our animals to freely feed on.
Traditional Breeds
Our organic meat is from​​​​ traditional breeds which are well suited to low intensity farming, from Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs, to Shorthorn Cows.
Naturally Produced Food
We are a certified producer with OF&G, which means our organic meat and raw milk is 100% Organic and has no chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs.

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Healthy & Natural Food
During the warmer months our cows are given free access to the pastures where they forage for different plant types and even self limit any potential illness, not only is this a natural and healthy way for cows to graze but it also means we see the vet a lot less! To feed our cows this way has a direct effect on the quality of the meat & milk they produce and this is proven to be higher in omega 3 than milk produced on a silage based system, but then nature is never wrong and if we are what we eat then we are also what the cow has eaten!
Our Animals
Gazegill has been farmed by the Robinson Family for nearly 500 years and the current custodians Emma Robinson and Ian O’Reilly often look back at their ancestral past to influence how they farm today. Species rich hay meadows, medieval ridge and furrow, dew ponds and even a roman road form some of the farms archaeological features although it is the species rich hay meadows which have a direct impact on today’s produce. These meadows have over 60 species of plants, grass & flowers, which we believe that every plant species has a food chain that stems from it and this in turn is what builds a rich, diverse and healthy local ecosystem.

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About Our Farm

500 Years, one family, one farm, 100's of great products! Farming across the Pennine Lancashire and Yorkshire borders, Gazegill has remained under the watchful eye of the Robinson Family for nearly 500 years.

Our Biological Heritage Hay meadows produce a colourful display and a nutritious and herb rich diet year on year which is helped by their sensitive management, our farming stance is balanced with nature and we have a real passion for organic natural farming.

We know our organic meat and raw milk is what it is because we farm from our heart, this way we truly know that we always do our best not only by our animals but for our nature too. No GMOs, no antibiotic residues, no pesticides or herbicides, just natural grass leys and great habitat which we know blesses us with food that tastes as it should from animals that are allowed to behave as they should be.

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