Our Animals

Gazegill has been farmed by the Robinson Family for nearly 500 years and the current custodians Emma Robinson and Ian O’Reilly often look back at their ancestral past to influence how they farm today. Species rich hay meadows, medieval ridge and furrow, dew ponds and even a roman road form some of the farms archaeological features although it is the species rich hay meadows which have a direct impact on today’s produce. Our biological heritage meadows have over fifty species and in some areas orchids and other gems can be found, we believe that every plant species has a food chain that stems from it and this in turn is what builds a rich, diverse and healthy local ecosystem.

Traditional Breeds

The farm has a number of traditional and indigenous breeds which better suit our low input, low impact attitude to agriculture.


Our dairy herd of Old English Shorthorns are the cow that would have been the mainstay of the UK dairy herd up until the late fifties and early sixties when continental high yielders took their place, the shorthorn is a smaller dairy cow with a natural ability to turn average feed into beautiful creamy milk.


Likewise our pig herd is a traditional favourite and great all-round pig, the Oxford Sandy and Black is naturally placid, great to work with and a versatile porker and baconer. Fantastic fat layer with that pork taste most have forgotten, in all a firm favourite in the home kitchen and restaurant alike, probably attributable to its slow growing.


Our sheep are a mixed bunch but our main flock are the Hampshire Downs, a breed that produce a strong lamb which in early spring are up and doing well whatever the weather, again a great and versatile breed.

A trip to the farm is not just about the farm shop but we like our visitors to take in the whole picture and spend time experiencing at first hand what we do and why we do it…

The Benefits Of Eating Grass Fed Meat

Research has shown that when an animal is fed grain for as little as 80 days, the quality of the nutrients in the red meat decrease.

It is quite unusual to find 100% organic grass fed meat in the UK, as most animals are fed some grain in their diets to reach the desired weight and specification for supermarkets.

We've put together some of the many BENEFITS of eating Organic 100% Grass Fed Meat versus grain fed meat below:

1) Can Help Protect Against Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease
There is a very special fat, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), that is found naturally in meat products. 100% Grass Fed Meat is one of the best dietary sources of CLA, and grass fed Meat contains 3 times more CLA on average than grain fed Meat. - CLA is considered to be one of the most powerful nutrients which can defend against all three stages of Cancer - CLA has been shown to promote healthy blood sugar levels and thereby reduce our chances of diabetes - Heart health has been clinically proven to improve as CLA consumption increases.

2) Contains More Healthy Fats & Fat Soluble Vitamins
Just like certain oily fish when compared to non-oily fish, 100% Grass Fed Meat compared to grain fed meat is a good source of omega-3, infact 100% grass fed beef contains between 2 and 4 times more omega-3 than grain fed beef. Whereas grain fed beef contains higher levels of omega-6 which most people already eat too much of. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential, they modify how our body responds to stress and control many metabolic processes. They can help with arthritis, decreasing all markers of inflammation, help with depression by increasing well-being and help us focus.

3) Contains More Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants
Higher levels of iron, zinc, Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin E, beta-carotene (a precursor to Vitamin A) and many more essential minerals and trace elements.

4) Contains Ample Amounts of Electrolytes
The 3 essential electrolytes, sodium, potassium and magnesium are found in abundant supply in 100% Grass Fed Meat for example, one 100% grass fed steak contains 732mg of potassium, 49mg of magnesium and 118mg of sodium.

5) Free From Antibiotics, Pesticides & GMOs
Like people, an animals diet and environment strongly influences its health. Cattle and sheep evolved to eat mainly grass and their digestive systems, are not built to consume grain, which changes the pH in the rumen, resulting in digestive complications. Many cereal fed animals are given antibiotic medicated feed as a husbandry boost owing to the intense housed conditions they are reared under - antibiotics are no substitute for good animal husbandry and care, they are life saving medicines. You can be assured that Gazegill’s 100% Grass Fed Organic Meat & Raw Milk contains no antibiotics, pesticides or GMO’s.

6) Contains Fewer Calories
Lower in total fat content because 100% grass fed livestock results in leaner cuts.

7) The Taste is Amazing
Our pasture fed livestock not only feed on grass but munch on herbs, flowers, clover and other legumes. This gives a rich, intense flavour to the meat.

In Summary
100% grass-fed organic meat and dairy ensures the greatest nutrition for you, free from chemicals, antibiotics and other pesticides. Consuming 100% grass fed organic meat and milk is one of the best ways to help prevent disease, improve brain function and lose weight giving you plenty of value for money!